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Or Story and the team that made it all happen


Our Mission is in our Name

making XAFS easy and more accessible for the global community of scientists who rely on these techniques.

Our Story

Our journey began in 2013 in professor Jerry seidler's lab at the University of Washington back in those days i was still a graduate student and in between synchrotron visits we had some down time and we wanted to play around and see what we could accomplish we built a very rough prototype it was a lead-lined wood box a 10 watt x-ray source and a crystal analyzer that we borrowed some from some collaborators in 2015 we decided to form the company so easyXAFS began. 


Our mandate was to bring this technology to the community with easyXAFS's line of laboratory spectrometers. We're bringing advanced x-ray spectroscopies into the realm of the routine. All of our spectrometers are built here at our factory near Seattle,Washington. our x-ray spectrometers use industry standard x-ray tube sources and Detectors coupled with synchrotron grade crystals to provide high quality XAFS and XES on concentrated samples zane spectra can be collected in seconds to minutes and extended xfs can be collected inminutes to hours many in situ and inoperando studies are possible such as fast nickel cage zines on a working battery pouch cell in this example usable data was collected in two minutes fast enough for inoperando measurements with high charge rates in addition to transmission mode x apps 

several of our instruments are also capable of measuring high resolution x-ray emission spectroscopy including the weak valence decor lines xcs has shown promising capabilities for example in the determination of hexavalent chromium and in the identification of metal ligands in the tender x-ray energy range we have the brimstone spectrometer which as the name suggests is really good at measuring sulfur and phosphorus xcs it has capabilities from 2 to 5 kev for x-ray emission spectroscopy at high resolution the k-alpha lines of sulfur and phosphorus allow for simple determination of oxidation state with the k-beta xcs the valence electrons can be probed directly allowing information to be obtained about symmetry ligands and bonding Configurations the feedback from access to everyday measurements allows for rapidly iterating and testing new samples for those cases where you do need the higher performance of a synchrotron having preliminary data from your own instrument will make your proposal that much more appealing synchrotrons are amazing they push the bounds of forefront and applied science we're not here to compete with synchrotrons we want to provide more routine everyday access to these techniques we need both of these together to expand the field of x-ray spectroscopy you know we're scientists who come from the community so we really wanted to be a part of the community and to really just help people have access to these techniques every single day in their own laboratories with customers using easy xf spectrometers throughout north America europe and asia we're proud to be the global leader in laboratory-based x-ray Spectroscopy

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