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Hard X-ray Spectrometers



X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS) and X-ray Emission Spectroscopy (XES)

XAFS and XES are versatile elementally-selective techniques that offer insight into key material properties. These techniques are widely used across the sciences, from identifying minerals to evaluating device performance. Over the past 50 years, XAFS and XES have been largely restricted to large-scale synchrotron facilities. While these facilities offer high-flux and energy resolution, the limited number of synchrotrons worldwide restricts access to XAFS and XES. By bringing research-grade measurements into the laboratory, EasyXAFS instruments offer to propel materials testing.

Broad Elemental Sensitivity

With our line of hard x-ray spectrometers and the Brimstone tender x-ray spectrometer, easyXAFS instruments can measure a significant portion of the periodic table.

Hard X-ray Spectrometer elements are shown in green

Tender X-ray Spectrometer elements are shown in purple


Wide Ranging Applications

The easyXAFS spectrometer capabilities are well suited to solve today's technological challenges. Combining elemental and chemical sensitivity, the easyXAFS instruments offer insights into materials commonly used in batteries, catalysts, electronics, and more.

Basic Material Chemistry 

3d transition metal compounds [Ref 1, Ref 2]

Sulfur and phosphorus compounds [Ref 3, Ref 4]

Energy Storage

Suitable for testing energy storage materials [Ref 5, Ref 6Ref 7]

Identify and test suitable electrodes for next generation technology [Ref 8, Ref 9]

Radioactive Waste Management Research

Using Ce L3-XANES [Ref 10, Ref 11], U L3-XANES [Ref 10], Fe K-XANES [Ref 12]

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