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Accelerate your research progress. Unleash your team’s creativity. Teach XAFS and XES. Discover new analytical applications to impact your industry. We make spectroscopy easy.

Our proven laboratory x-ray spectrometers give synchrotron-quality spectra and game-changing scientific freedom. Add to your existing research program or launch a new thrust. Imagine what you can do with reliable, easy access where you live and work and learn.


Turn-Key XAFS and XES
(High-Resolution XRF)

Incident Photon Energy graph

easyXAFS provides complete instruments. We integrate the right hardware and software to match the needs of your critical applications. The easyXAFS team will work closely with you to determine the best detector, the necessary radiation enclosure and safety protocols, the special sample environments, and the user training that will each optimize spectroscopy in your lab. We want to help you solve your specific scientific, educational, and commercial or industrial challenges.

Emission Energy per Intensity graph

We are enriching, enlarging, and empowering the community of scientists, engineers, educators and businesses using advanced x-ray techniques. That is what easyXAFS does. That is why the company exists. The easyXAFS staff are members of the XAS community and also members of our local community. For that reason, easyXAFS is proud to donate and support public education and social charities in the Seattle area.