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easyXAFS is the global leader in laboratory XAFS and XES instrumentation. Our proven laboratory x-ray spectrometers give synchrotron-quality spectra and game-changing scientific freedom. Add to your existing research program or launch a new thrust. Imagine what you can do with reliable, easy access to advanced x-ray spectroscopy

Accelerate your research progress

Unleash your team’s creativity

Educate the next generation of x-ray spectroscopists

Discover new analytical applications to impact your industry

Turn-Key XAFS and XES

easyXAFS 300 spectrometer

easyXAFS provides a complete user experience, from hardware to software to support. We want to help you solve your specific scientific, educational, and commercial or industrial challenges.


Our team will work closely with you to determine the best options to optimize spectroscopy in your lab. With our intuitive software and reliable instruments, your team members can get up and running quickly and automate studies for maximum data collecting efficiency.

easyXAFS spectrum of XAFS for the 3d transition metals Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, and Zn.
With the wide energy range of our hard x-ray spectrometers, all of the 3d transition metals from Ti to Zn can be measured. These elements are crucial in critical areas of modern research from batteries to catalysis, environmental remediation, and more.
easyXAFS hard x-ray instrument outline

We make spectroscopy easy.

Synchrotron quality data in your own lab

Our high-performance spectrometers provide measurements with synchrotron-quality resolution in minutes. While the most challenging measurements requiring the highest flux will always be best served by the impressive capabilities of synchrotron beamlines, laboratory capabilities provide routine access to these powerful techniques without compromising on energy resolution.

Ni K-edge XANES and EXAFS measured with the easyXAFS300+ spectrometer

Ni K-edge XANES and EXAFS measured with the easyXAFS300+ spectrometer.


X-ray Emission Spectroscopy (XES):

A growing technique

In addition to x-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS), easyXAFS instruments are also capable of x-ray emission spectroscopy (XES), which is essentially very-high energy resolution x-ray fluorescence (XRF).


At energy resolutions comparable to the core-hole lifetimes of the electron transitions, XES goes beyond simple quantification and gives information on features such as oxidation state and ligand identity. XAFS and XES give complementary views into the local electronic structure of samples.

Cr Kα (K-alpha) XES  of Cr reference standards in different oxidation states. Cr, Cr(III) [Cr(NO3)3], and Cr(VI) [K2Cr2O7], measured with easyXAFS laboratory spectrometers

Cr Kα XES of reference standards in different oxidation states measured in an easyXAFS spectrometer, showing the sensitivity of x-ray fluorescence lines when measured at very high energy resolution


Who we are

We are enriching, enlarging, and empowering the community of scientists, engineers, educators and businesses using advanced x-ray techniques. The easyXAFS staff are members of the XAS community and also members of our local community. For that reason, easyXAFS is proud to donate to support public education and social charities in the Seattle area.


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